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Breathe deep Days

from 11.04.14  to 25.04.14  

Deep relaxation for more vitality - together with experts, the Vitalpina Hotels have developed a brand new offering: the right momentum in the morning, active relaxation during outdoor activities and restful sleep at night – breathe freely for a harmonizing effect on the whole living organism.

Performances within the vacation offer
  • 3 Overnight-stays
  • Hiking and breathing

    Guided Hikingtour with Breathexercises

  • Coupon for a Larchmassage

    Coupon for a Larchmassage for each person. Time about 25 minutes

  • Vitalpina "deep breating" Booklet
  • Small Vitalpina hay bag
  • Vitalpina Fragrance
Information about your accommodation
Hotel Schönblick Belvedere****
An active holiday on the sunny side of Bolzano

Family Reichhalter - San Genesio Atesino - Italy
Phone: +39 0471 354127 - Fax: +39 0471 354277

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