Relaxing massage movements in combination with breathing exercises: a new feel-good ritual from Vitalpina

by Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol  - 26.06.2012
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Relaxing and rejuvenating, letting go and drawing strength, paying attention to and being mindful of all of your senses, and reclaiming your intuition about your body's needs. Is this longing for inner harmony and profound relaxation familiar to you?
Relaxing massage movements in combination with breathing exercises: a new feel-good ritual from Vitalpina
None of this can be achieved without breathing. To breathe means to live; conscious breathing affords vitality and regeneration.
The South Tyrol Vitalpina Hotels group has taken its guests’ positive feedback about the Vitalpina breathing concept seriously over the last year, and has incorporated breath – an essential aspect of relaxation and activation, of healing and meditation – into an completely new massage therapy.

Vitalpina is a workshop for wellness. If we succeed in continually meeting the changing needs of our guests, we are filled with joy and satisfaction. To this end, we have consulted some experts in the field and have collaborated on a new feel-good massage. It can be divided into two parts:
  • The Breath Flow Massage
  • The Breath Rhythm Massage

The Breath Flow Massage has a meditative character; it aims to bring you into harmony with the natural flow of your breath. It carries you far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and into a more balanced sensation of flotation within your own, quiet airflow. The accompanying massage movements come into dialogue with your individual breathing and bring your entire body into a deeply relaxing, full state of inner peace and harmony in a period of about 50 minutes.

The second part, the Breath Rhythm Massage, aims at achieving a stimulating, catalysing effect. The massage movements accentuate the natural rhythm of your breath, creating a power that is liberating and encouraging a process that is both energising and activating.

The duration of both types of massage is 50 minutes. They can be booked individually or in combination, and promise a new and fascinating approach to the self, a conscious awareness of the body, and an increase in vitality and intuition.

In combination with the appropriate Tyrolean herbs, aromas, teas, colours and music, Vitalpina’s Breath Massages are unique rituals with lasting effect. This is not the superficial consumption of spa treatments, but an interactive massage therapy that liberates pent-up blockades, opens the respiratory passageways, and bolsters the body's own defences.

Breath is life. Allow yourself to enjoy a higher quality of life at the South Tyrol Vitalpina Hotels.
The new massages can be booked at South Tyrol Vitalpina Hotels starting from the fall of 2012.

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