Natural wellness treatments

Effort and relaxation - this is truly a reasonable combination, because the thermo-therapeutic use of applied heats as well as massages, herbal packs and base drinks all help to break down the lactic acids that build up during physical activity.

Moreover, correctly chosen wellness treatments can relax a slightly tense musculature, so that after a pleasant night's sleep you may again feel fit for new adventures and activities.

Our therapists use traditional methods that prompt regeneration, with natural homegrown Alpine products sourced from throughout South Tyrol.
Apple meets juniper

Apple meets juniper

Both represent a successful combination of active substances derived equally from alpine and mediterranean nature.
Esclusively for Vitalpina guests
The power of nature

The power of nature

Think of lying on a flower-covered mountain pasture, breathing in the soft scent of pine and letting the herbs take ...
Hay, Herbs & Co.
Wine as fountain of youth

Wine as fountain of youth

Natural grape-seed extract in various dosages and of various consistencies is used in a number of beauty and ...
In vino... salus
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