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Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol

Take a deep breath

27.06.2019 - by Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol
Category: Well-being
Do you too often feel under pressure, in some way rushed, restless, almost breathless? Our working lives are placing ever-increasing demands on us, with more and more to do. The Vitalpina® Hotels of South Tyrol have developed a special “deep breathing” programme for this often underrated, but nevertheless immensely important aspect of our lives.

Healthy respiration: the power of breathing

Breathing and exercise are fundamental to life and are closely linked by nature. Breathing keeps us moving over our lifetimes, while regular exercise helps us to breathe more fully and, with more staying power, we can achieve more in life. The fuller and more consciously we breathe, the more fresh life pulsates in our veins, nerves and cells, waste products are more effectively eliminated from our bodies – and we thus feel lighter and livelier, more relaxed, vibrant and vigorous.

Breathing: steering our lives

Breathing affects many aspects of the body, helping us relax effectively, minimise worries, relieve pain and top up energy levels. Science has shown that targeted breathing exercises can promote vitality, inner peace, concentration, while unleashing unimagined resources for holistic well-being.

“Quiet and effective breathing is the best recipe for physical and spiritual well-being. Deep abdominal breathing stimulates the internal organs, improving the metabolism, blood circulation, digestion and strengthening the immune system”, says Dr Werner Kirschner, an exercise and sports scientists at the University of Innsbruck. Himself a breathing coach, he has along with South Tyrol’s Vitalpina® Hotels developed the Vitalpina® “deep breathing” concept, firmly convinced that breathing is the link between our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states.

Take a breather: the Vitalpina® deep breathing programme

The Vitalpina® deep breathing programme consists of guided breathing walks and breathing exercises in the fresh air, offered regularly to guests by all the Vitalpina® “Escapist” hotels: calming or stimulating breathing techniques help guests to really get going in the morning, to actively relax and to top up with extra energy. The guide to deep breathing, available at the Vitalpina® “Escapist” hotels, also offers useful suggestions for a relaxed and mindful way of life: it contains twenty useful breathing and feel-good tips, as well as a number of worthwhile breathing exercises that are also perfect for practising at home.

Rendezvous with South Tyrol’s fresh mountain air

The Vitalpina® Hotels of South Tyrol would like to invite their guests to a rendezvous with South Tyrol’s fresh mountain air. The aim is for them to experience breathing as part of their Vitalpina stay – as a key to their own well-being, their own health and inner balance. The hosts at the Vitalpina Hotels have developed this premium offer together with experts, wellness professionals and activity trainers. Consciously taking the time to follow the programme can produce major benefits – benefits that can also be enjoyed at home.

So escape, discover inner peace and find new energy – at the Vitalpina® “Escapist” Hotels.

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