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Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol

Deceleration, mindfulness, detoxing

18.04.2017 - by Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol
Category: Gastronomy
Now and then
Slow down the pace, bringing it to a halt,
In order to take in what surrounds us in peace,
That which protects us, threatens us, delights, encourages, facilitates,
Re-adjusts and aligns.

Now and then
Slow down the pace, bringing it to a halt,
Pausing to allow that which moves within us to settle.
Observing our patterns, recognizing what and who we are.

Now and then
Slow down the pace, bringing it to a halt,
Allowing us to trasncend our deep-seated patterns,
To be grateful and see what they want to show us,
In which direction they are pointing us.
(Max Feigenwinter)

Consciously acknowledge reawakened feelings of spring
There’s no question: mindfulness, deceleration and detox are all the rage. This is mainly due to the fact the individual’s wellbeing is once again taking center stage.

Time is the starting point for a mindful life. If we make our own wellbeing our top priority, we must take time for ourselves and for our lives.

Unfortunately, amidst our hectic everyday lives we forget this too often. Maybe spring – when everything starts to bloom, the days become brighter and longer, and new energy awakens our spirits – is exactly the right time to make us aware of what is really important.

Even though overcoming this demands a lot at first, we should banish everything from our lives that wastes our time. After all, there is almost always another choice. You just need to be clear that this is your life, your lifetime. Doing something for ourselves with the utmost conviction is the best thing we can do.
It brings us feelings of happiness, which can be drawn upon for a long time. It also strengthens our personalities. Being mindful in everyday life, letting everything slow down, stopping for a deep breath – that’s the only way to fully live the precious time that is given to us. So we have no regrets at the end of our lives.

Being free, learning new things, feeling very intensely: a detox cure allows for all of these things. This is all about you and your body. It's all about release. During the period of detoxification, do only what is really good for you. Walking, sleeping a lot, doing nothing. And rehydrating: water, tea, vegetable broth and fruit juices. Feel free to do away with everything else to the fullest extent possible. Spring is the ideal time to finally cleanse your body and, in doing so, strengthen it for the summer. Give it a try. Why not during your next holiday at one of the Vitalpina Hotels?

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