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Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol

The nature of bread culture

17.04.2018 - by Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol
Category: Gastronomy
Bread is so much a part of our daily lives that we are often not even aware of the importance of this ancient foodstuff. We not only find it on our tables throughout the year: this unassuming fare is also a religious symbol and occurs in numerous phrases and expressions.

It is obvious that bread is rather more than just water, flour and yeast – tradition, for example! More modest ancestors of today’s bread varieties formed part of our diet even in pre-Christian times. Probably the best-known of foods, it also has a long tradition in South Tyrol. As of course in earlier times there was no modern mass production, bread was baked on farms by hand.

The ancestors of today’s bread specialties were simply flat. Baking was done every few months and the bread preserved by means of drying. The luxury of daily fresh bread rolls on the breakfast table was at that time unthinkable: bread-making was therefore a very special event, with the oven heated up days beforehand and numerous helping hands ready to take part in the big event.

Baking bread was no easy task. As there was no yeast available, rye bread had to be made from sourdough. The finished flat bread was either shaken flat and baked (hence the name Schüttelbrot, shaken bread), or placed in racks (Hurten) and dried. Nowadays yeast makes baking easier and far more diverse. Most breads now consist of various cereal mixtures, with rye, spelt and wheat all used. Spices such as aniseed, fennel, cumin and other herbs lend bread its wholesomeness and distinctive taste.

So do you fancy getting to work with light and airy dough and baking a crusty loaf? We aim to revive the time-honoured custom of baking in the Vitalpina Hotels with you!

The Pfösl, Waltershof and Drumlerhof hotels all offer the pleasures of bread-baking this summer. The recipe list includes Schüttelbrot – crispy flat bread, Vinschgerlen and Italian ciabatta. Try this formerly vital peasant skill for yourself in authentic surroundings. We have a wide knowledge of the age-old recipes and traditional baking techniques; all you need to bring is some time and a relaxed frame of mind. In return you will get not only get a loaf of bread from the oven, but also a tasty example of South Tyrol’s heritage.

Feel the Alpine quality of life in your own hands!

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