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Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol

Wholesome eating

16.07.2015 - by Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol
Category: Gastronomy
You’re on holiday at last. You can finally enjoying physical activity in the freshness of the mountains − and finally able to eat in a healthier way. The expertise of the Vitalpina Hotels South Tyrol in not limited to created innovative programs of physical activity for guests amidst South Tyrol’s stunning Alpine-Mediterranean landscape; the Vitalpina hoteliers also put great emphasis on excellent food that has a lighter taste and is good for you. If you follow a few nutritional tips during your mountain holiday, your body and mind will benefit even more intensely from the positive health effects.
What effect does physical activity at alpine elevations have on the body?

“Modern studies show that changing exertion levels, with breaks and in different variations, leads to a huge consumption of calories and a positive change in body composition within a short period of time. An increase in muscle strength and muscle mass occurs while hiking, climbing and mountain climbing: this is due to the fact that ascents with short breaks, descents and passages that require stamina are completed in constantly varying intervals. The “premium gasoline” of the muscles, creatine and adenosine, are consumed as a result. The consumption of calories continues ever after the actual exercise is over, resulting in the body’s stored fat being burning and the formation of hormones. Body temperatures drop; the respiration and heart rate slow down. The bones become denser; tendons, ligaments and fascia grow stronger; and blood vessels look for new routes to supply fresh energy as far as the periphery,” summarizes Dr. Leonhardy. Interval training in the mountains is thus an intense form of regeneration for the body.

In order to not experience hunger cravings after sporting activity, it is important that three main components of healthy eating carbohydrates, proteins and fats – are ingested in a manner befitting one’s lifestyle. “Larger amounts of carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruit, and even oats, may be eaten, since they have a low glycemic index despite their sugar content, i.e. they release sugar into the blood slowly. High-quality proteins are also very important, not only in everyday life but especially during exercise, because they help build muscle mass. Particularly good choices are poultry, seafood, eggs (whites are best), dairy products, nuts, seeds, lentils, peas, beans and soy products. We obtain valuable unsaturated fatty acids particularly well from high-quality vegetable oils such as linseed oil, pumpkinseed oil and olive oil, as well as from fish. Adequate fluid intake is of the utmost importance during physical activity. South Tyrol’s delicious mountain spring water or diluted apple juice are great choices,” recommends Dr. Leonhardy.

After exercising, the body must be resupplied with fresh nutrients. Sometimes this may include Kaiserschmarren (shredded pancake), Topfennocken (ricotta gnocchi) or Knödel (dumplings). The calories are burned again. Fresh apples, herbal teas and herb salads give a good dose of healthy vitality.

The Vitalpina Hotels South Tyrol cover a spectrum of activities ranging from running, Breathe Hikes, bike tours and summit hikes all the way to physical, mental and spiritual relaxation. A walk or run doesn’t simply end upon returning to the hotel; rather the positive experience – physical movement amidst cool greenery or the images of majestic mountain vistas and colorful alpine meadows in the head − can taper off slowly with soothing pampering rituals, so that you can reach a tangible and sustainable state of wellbeing.

A physically active holiday at one of South Tyrol’s Vitalpina Hotels is an intense experience − at every level.

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