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Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol

Eco-Friendly Winter Sports

14.02.2017 - by Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol
Category: Winter
The best first step to approaching the environment in a sustainable way is made in the great outdoors. Taking heed of a few simple rules is all that’s necessary in order to do so. One is to generally maintain quiet, and avoid making too much noise in order not to scare the forest wildlife. Winter sports that are especially eco-friendly include snowshoe hiking and ski touring. The great news is that these forms of winter recreation are possible to enjoy at many of the Vitalpina Hotels without even stepping into the car – already a first step towards sustainable winter sports.

Unfortunately a winter holiday is not always geared towards sustainable winter sports. And yet there are plenty of options for enjoying eco-friendly snow sports. South Tyrol in particular offers exceptional circumstances, with snowshoe hikes and ski tours being quite popular activities. The conditions here simply couldn’t be any better. It’s as if Mother Nature, her forests, meadows and mountains were all made to be explored while treading softly. Those who want to be absolutely sure that they are eco-friendly when it comes to snowshoeing and touring just need to keep a few, yet important, recommendations in mind. After all, not all snowshoe hikers or ski tour enthusiasts will automatically behave in an eco-friendly way.

You should remain on the marked trails or usual ski routes, whenever possible, in order to avoid distressing the forest animals unnecessarily. This not only serves to avoid the animals and to respect their resting areas, but also to preserve afforested areas and young trees. It’s also a good idea to walk only where there is a thick blanket of snow so that plants are not damaged. Of course, it’s really vital to bring all garbage back down into the valley and throw it into the proper receptacle.

In today's world it is becoming increasingly important to think and act in an environmentally friendly way. If you adhere to the appropriate rules, you’re doing Mother Nature a huge favor. And she will also reciprocate: with spectacular panoramic views and winter adventures that will never be forgotten.

Try it out for yourself: take a snowshoe hike or even go ski touring in beautiful South Tyrol. You can start right on the front doorstep of your Vitalpina Hotel, and enjoy the natural wonders of our homeland with peace and quiet as well as eco-friendly awareness.

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