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Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol

Running with the Vitalpina Hotels South Tyrol

16.07.2015 - by Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol
Category: Summer
Relaxation is not something that can be achieved on command. The spinning of our brains, the shortened breathing rhythm with which we rush through our daily lives, the speed at which we carry out the work of our multitasking lives and our daily errands: it’s hard to just turn it all off like that, just because we’re on holiday. Our minds need a new focus, our bodies need new stimulation and our brains need new impulses. Physical activity in the mountains is an efficient way to regenerate in a truly holistic way.
Body, mind and soul restore their natural balance, and a feeling of harmony sets in. Scientific and medical studies (e.g. AMAS 2000 by Prof. Egon Humpeler and Prof. Wolfgang Schobersberger, University of Innsbruck; the GORETEXT study; the University of Salzburg’s SASES study) substantiate the positive impact of alpine sports activities on health. Longer stays and regular exercise, even at moderate altitudes, bring positive effects such as reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's, reducing blood lipid levels, improving the metabolism of blood sugar, reducing the heart rate and blood pressure, and reducing excess weight without additional diets.

All of these benefits take place within a wonderfully airy atmosphere, nestled amidst South Tyrol’s majestic mountain scenery between Mount Ortler and the Dolomite Mountains. Hiking and running strengthen the musculature (including the heart muscle), while joints and tendons are also trained and relieved as a result. Physical movement in the thinner air at higher altitude stimulates the body to form new blood cells and improves the tissue’s blood supply. The higher you go up into the mountains, the fewer allergens, germs and dust particles there are in the air. Conversely, the air is enriched with natural essential oils from larch trees, spruce forests and herb meadows. This is also beneficial to the respiratory passages.

Finally, however, mountain sports not only strengthen the body but also promote a positive psychological, mental and emotional mood. The reduction of stress hormones and the supplying of happiness hormones are supported by physical movement in the fresh air and the uplifting mountain nature, and bring rapid recovery from fatigue, lethargy, restlessness, insomnia, depression and burnout syndrome. The soft green hues are a balm for the eyes and soul food for the mind; the warm, gentle atmospheric lighting and shadow play found in nature promote positive thoughts in the brain. Very often, the wonderful result of an active holiday at the specialists in Vitalpina mountain holidays extends beyond strengthening of the body, encompassing stronger inner balance and empowerment for the spirit as well as self-awareness.

Walk joyfully, and take time for healthy mountain living at the Vitalpina Hotels South Tyrol!

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