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Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol

Wellness Zone in Forest and Meadow

25.08.2014 - by Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol
Category: Active
Hiking does you good, and is also relaxing. A nice stroll or leisurely hike has beneficial side effects for your body and improves the way in which you approach life.
Your spirits soar every time you walk, whether alone or together with loved ones, through the beautiful landscape of South Tyrol’s mountains. As you do so, your brain receives millions of signals and your senses respond to a natural diversity of stimuli, at a low stimulation threshold therefore without being unpleasantly annoyed or overwhelmed by them.

The well-balanced humidity and views of rich greenery, which encourages your focus to shift to various distances, are relaxing for your eyes. The regular rhythm that you have when you walk and the resulting uniformity of abdominal breathing have a calming effect on stress hormone levels – and on blood pressure in the longer term. Fresh oxygen flows through the lungs and is transported, with a calm pulse, to the outermost, minute blood vessels. Experts have established that regular walking has a positive effect on the blood lipids and blood sugar levels.

Don’t overexert yourself, whatever you do. Listen to the signals your body gives you, and adjust your walking speed and breathing rhythm accordingly. Walking strengthens your muscles, including your heart muscle. It strengthens the lungs and stimulates the metabolism. The rounded movement of the foot that occurs when you walk along the soft soil of a forest or meadow is easy on the joints, strengthens the back muscles, and prevents spinal disc problems. The uniform, upright body movements restore the “order” in the inner organs – which often get compressed from too much sitting.

The forest air is low in dust and allergens, and is enriched with soothing essential oils that give positive stimulation to the sensory perception. The extraordinary interplay of light that appears on the silhouette of a mountain or between the trees lifts one’s mood. Nature’s tranquillity and the protection of trees and forest clearings allow you to come into a state of peace and attain some perspective on everyday life.

Movement also allows for the elimination of waste products and accumulated energy (from stressful thoughts, too). It’s good for the entire organism and stimulates the body’s powers of self-healing and resistance. Fresh air enters into your bloodstream, fresh energy into your cells and fresh ideas into your brain. Soon you feel like a completely different person.

Perhaps you’ll develop a taste for hiking on your next Vitalpina active holiday, and make it a regular part of your lifestyle. Good health!

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