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Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol

The Vitalpina menu for healthy sleep

25.01.2016 - by Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol
Category: Well-being
Greetings from the country kitchen: An appetizer of fresh mountain air
The Vitalpina hoteliers understand the importance of holistic wellbeing. All of the Vitalpina Hotels are located in peaceful spots with herb-rich mountain meadows, forests and streams nearby. The fresh, oxygen-rich mountain air – far removed from all the hubbub and smog of the city – delivers a little bit more health with every breath. Performing the Vitalpina Breathe exercises, designed especially for you, gives your body a extra boost of energy and helps you instantly feel like a “new” you.

Menu choice: The right pillow for your head

You don’t have the pillow you’re used to at home when you go on holiday, so restless sleep is a foregone conclusion: sounds familiar, right? Not so with the Vitalpina Hotels South Tyrol. Some of the Vitalpina Hotels even have up to twelve options on their pillow menus, as well as different types of mattresses to choose from! Many will even determine the optimal form and consistency for you personally, in order to help you allow your head and body to sink gently and smoothly into sleep (e.g. in the following Vitalpina Hotels: Berghotel, Europa, Gassenhof, Schwarzschmied, Tyrol, Taubers Unterwirt).

Aperitif: Celebrate the transition from day to night
After an active day in the fresh air, indulge in a non-alcoholic aperitif as a way to kick start a relaxing evening. Consciously draw a line between your daytime activities and nighttime rest: a relaxing bath, hay bath, herb massage or body pack, some meditation, a sauna with essential oils and spectacular views of the mountains set against the red sky at sundown release the last vestiges of stress from your body and help you let go. Allow the day’s experiences and impressions pass in review. Consciously absorb all of the soothing impressions and send a signal to your cells: now the regeneration begins.

Appetizer: Natural wood at every turn
The hotelier families of the Vitalpina Hotels South Tyrol apply holistic principles to the concept of hospitality, right down to the last detail. Many of the rooms and suites have been done in local, untreated wood, felled in accordance with the lunar cycle; the natural essential oils thus remain, contributing to a soothing and rejuvenating atmosphere in which to sleep. Local Swiss stone pine takes center stage among the natural materials in the sleeping spaces, not only because of its soothing yet refreshing pine aroma but also because it has properties that are beneficial for regulating heart rhythm and blood circulation. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and relaxing feeling of natural security that comes from breathable surfaces and natural-wood furniture.

Main course: Gourmet bed rest
Of the 36 Vitalpina Hotels South Tyrol, there are 25 that are particularly focused on healthy sleep, sparing no effort or expense in order to create optimal sleep conditions: these hotels have especially sleep-inducing and natural bed systems from leading European manufacturers such as Samina and Hästens – handcrafted and sourced from carbon-neutral production. Good sleep is priceless to these Vitalpina hoteliers because they live in harmony with nature, the mountains and the needs of the body. When it comes to healthy sleep, only the best is good enough.

Dessert: A cup of tea and a good idea
At the Vitalpina Hotels South Tyrol, the icing on the cake for your sleep-well menu is a little dessert creation made of some good reading and soothing herbs. Take advantage of the little secrets from Mother Nature’s alpine treasure box. Special herb mixtures comprising wild thyme, yarrow, lady's mantle and nettle support healthy digestion, calm the nervous system, regulate blood circulation and, enjoyed as a tea, have a hearty and soothing flavor. The Vitalpina hotelier families also set themselves apart for being certified hiking and mountain guides. They are well acquainted with the local area, and know where to find the most scenic spots. Browse through the library of your Vitalpina Hotel and start thinking ahead to the mountains where you’ll take your next hiking or mountain-climbing excursion.

Betthupferl: Zirbenspähne and fresh air
On your bedside table in your Vitalpina Hotel there is likely a small cloth bag. It contains meadow herbs or fragments of Swiss stone pine. It permeates the room with a pleasant and relaxing aroma, which gently attunes the mind and calms the heart. Open the window just before bedtime, and let fresh air circulate through your room for a minute. Now nothing else stands in the way of good dream.

Sleep yourself healthy! At the Vitalpina Hotels South Tyrol

Book a good night's sleep and a refreshing winter holiday – at the Vitalpina Hotels South Tyrol

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