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Our Feel-Good Tips

Relaxing at Home

  • Stay loose: Keep your shoulders relaxed, your belly unrestricted and your legs slack. Stretch several times a day in every direction – there’s space enough anywhere for this, even in the office.
  • Down time: Set aside time every week just for you.
  • Relax: De-stressing isn’t something that can be done on command, but a long salt bath often does wonders.
  • Take a breather: Build a little breathing exercise into your day more often, ideally out in the fresh air. It's a quick way to restore your energy.
  • Power down: Does your mobile phone really have to be on? Nobody needs to be permanently reachable.
  • TV off: In the bedroom, turn off all electrical appliances (TV, mobile phone, radio alarm clock) so that you can truly rest.
  • Your inner voice:a good compass for wellbeing. Do more of what makes you feel good – whether it’s morning yoga, a stroll at lunchtime or getting a massage.

Lying Still

Abdominal breathing - Silencing the thoughts

  • Lie down and relax on a soft surface (a bed, or even a meadow). Bend your knees. Support your knees with a blanket or backpack, and prop up your head with a pillow or jacket.
  • Observe how you breathe naturally. Inhale calmly, and then exhale. Pause your breath.
  • Direct your attention to your abdominal wall. Notice how it raises up (during inhalation), and feel the back of your diaphragm expand.
  • Notice how your belly lowers (during exhalation). Keep your upper chest still.
  • Place one or both hands on your lower abdomen so that you can observe the process even more intensely. Inhalation. Pause. Exhalation. Pause. Repeat.
  • Direct your attention to the aromas and odors that surround you, and let your thoughts roll past without judging them or holding onto them.
  • After seven cycles of inhalation and exhalation, you will feel a stronger sense of inner peace.

Quiet Walking

Harmonious Rhythm

  • Walk somewhere in nature: move in a relaxed way, together with someone else, and at a pace that is pleasant for you. Talk to your companion.
  • Now continue walking, without talking and direct your attention to your ideal walking speed.
  • After you’ve walked a few minutes in silence, notice the sounds of nature in a conscious way. What do you hear?
  • Your pace will begin to follow its own rhythm. Notice how many steps you take during one inhalation.
  • How many steps do you take during one exhalation?

Drawing Water

Letting go through purifying exhalation

  • Choose a quiet place. Next to a stream or spring is ideal.
  • Stand with your feet slightly wider than the width of your hips.
  • As you exhale, bend down with your upper body and hands, drawing water up in your hands (the stream or spring can be imaginary).
  • As you inhale, slowly straighten your body and lift your hands over your head.
  • As you exhale, imagine that you are pouring water over your head; intensify this movement by using your voice: “Schschschttt”.
  • Then slide your hands across your shoulders laterally, and back down to the starting position.